Soi Sim island

Coordinates: Longitude: 1070 04'10’’ E, latitude: 200 51' 00” N.

Soi Sim island is in route 2 in Ha Long bay, about 12 km from Tuần Châu International Marina to the Southeast. It is located in the heart of Ha Long Heritage, which gathers a number of destinations such as Ti top island, Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Me Cung cave...

Soi Sim island is one of few soil islands in the Heritage’s core zone. It has a diverse flora system. There are a lot of “Sim” (Rose myrtle) trees – a shrub with purple fruits in the island; therefore, the island is named as “Soi Sim” (means “Watching rose myrtles”) by the local people. At the foot of the island is a 200m-long white sandy beach. In 2014, Soi Sim beach was recognized as a tourist beach.

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